In the upcoming weeks, we will be featuring some our seniors on our blog, highlighting their accomplishments and achievements at their internship placements.

First up is Nick Wilson, an intern within the service department at Orange Motors car dealership!


Nick fills an essential role at Orange Motors – his main duties include prepping and detailing cars: vacuuming interiors, washing exteriors, drying and degreasing cars. His instructor, Bill Lynch, commended Nick for taking initiative while on the job. For example, Bill recalled a time when one of Nick’s co-workers called out for the day, and Nick took on his roll and worked independently in prepping all of the cars on the lot. Nick’s manager noted that Nick has really become a part of the team.

When asked about his internship, Nick stated: “It’s really fun, I’m really enjoying it.” In the future, Nick is looking forward to potentially taking on new roles, such as moving cars around the lot as a “lot jockey.”

We are proud of Nick and all of the skills he has mastered at his internship!