At the College Experience and Living Resources, Inc. we emphasize the importance of volunteering and simply giving back whenever possible. We have alumni of the College Experience volunteering at places such as the Damien House and the FOCUS Food Pantry at the Emmanuel Baptist Church while following safety protocol. Students have also participated in litter collection endeavors to beautify their neighborhoods around the College of Saint Rose during a unit for the Volunteerism class!

Our Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein has been doing his best to emulate this mission by focusing on a two-month litter collection crusade at the Colonie Center CDTA Bus Shelter. The purpose of his current endeavor is to show appreciation to the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) for providing a safe form of transportation to the students and individuals served by Living Resources, Inc. Furthermore, he is also trying to build awareness for the benefit of Convalescent Plasma with his efforts.

Jesse is still chipping away at the lingering patches of litter, but he has made enough progress to have the CDTA Marketing Manager, Allison Schreffler visit the shelter to take these attached photographs showing the dramatic difference from what the grounds looked like at the beginning of September. The litter problem is not the fault of the CDTA, but is rather attributed to the consistent damage created by a small minority of citizens. At Living Resources, Inc. and The College Experience, we acknowledge this is our city, and we all must lend a hand to keep it looking beautiful!

We thank Allison for the photographs and the CDTA for their support during Jesse’s litter collection campaign!