At Living Resources, Inc. it is always our goal to give individuals the tools needed to thrive in the adult world as employees, co-workers, and even entrepreneurs. At the College Experience, Fern Pivar instructs the Entrepreneur Class which gives the students an opportunity to expand their creativity and promotional skills.

The Entrepreneur Class is in charge of the not-for-profit company, Seabiscuits that has recently been changed to “Phat Dog.” Their next step is to develop a design logo, and Fern led these budding businessmen/women on a unique exercise in class this past Friday to relax their minds. She played stimulating music such as Beethoven and said, “I want you to feel the space of your paper…and the parameters of the paper. Do you know your boundaries? Breathe out…breathe in. Allow your mind to relax. Do not think about anything that has happened this morning and see colors as well as shapes. Pick up your pen and feel the boundaries of your paper and draw whatever you see is going on inside your brain right now. You cannot look at your paper and use your hands as your boundaries.” The students ended up creating some unique designs featuring cool looking dogs, which is a strong start toward determining a future logo.

The students not only promote and sell Phat Dog, but they also use part of class time to cook the product. Their dog biscuits are comprised of natural ingredients, which means they are made without the use of preservatives or chemicals that are normally found in such commercial pet products. We look forward to observing the students and alumni of the College Experience participating in various community events to promote Phat Dog!