Holiday Baking at the College ExperienceOn the morning of Thursday, December 13, 2018 the students of the College Experience put their culinary talents to work by creating a substantial amount of chocolate chip cookies to enhance the Yuletide cheer at the celebration they had at the end of this week!

Staff worked with all the students as everybody rolled up their sleeves and got to work baking the treats for their upcoming celebration. Even though the store-bought, pre-made goodies at Market 32 just down the road are always a convenient temptation, we try to encourage the students to make many things from scratch and rely on the skills taught by our program. There is nothing more satisfying than creating something and being able to sample the fruits of one’s labors.

Holiday Baking College Experience

We look forward to celebrating the rest of the Holiday Season and involving everybody in many festive activities before they leave to be with their families during the winter vacation!