The College Experience is quite happy to exist in a community where our students are embraced and allowed to take part in local events that take them far beyond the realm of their homes located a stone’s throw away from the College of Saint Rose. On that exciting note, we are pleased to share a recent photo taken below the proverbial Friday Night Lights within the University of Albany football field. Our students had the chance to participate in a rousing game of Flag Football that was organized by the Special Olympics during this past September as one of the many activities that has been helping them become adjusted to an exciting life in the Capital Region. We are forever grateful to the local chapter of the Special Olympics for providing a safe way for our aspiring athletes to shine and making them feel welcome in their new community. We are looking forward to future sporting events with the Special Olympics who has worked with us in the past to hire alumni volunteers for clerical work and helping out with sporting events.

Our students featured in the photo are Joseph in the blue uniform and red shirt; Justin with the blue hat; Brian wearing number 15 on his jersey; and Chris in the green shirt!