On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 the College Experience had its first meeting of the Walking Club this year that meets by one of the student residences and brings students to various parks or even the occasional restaurant that serves as the “carrot-on-the-stick”. Everyone joins the Walking Club for different reasons. Some want to socialize with their peers and others strive to appreciate the long-awaited spring/summer weather. There are also members who wish to push themselves off the couch to get in better shape. The most important reason students seem to join the club, however, is to have fun!

Featured in this photograph is Rachael who is a rising senior in the College Experience. Rachael walked all the way to Ridgefield Park with staff and three alumni of the College Experience. She also kicked around a soccer ball with staff for a while, and we will hopefully see her on future excursions. We are looking forward to more exciting walks while seizing the beauty of summer!