Social Distance Walking Club College ExperienceThe first meeting of the Social Distancing Walking Club took place on Sunday, April 19, 2020 for the Alumni Activities Club in which Jose Galvez and Jessica Lewis were our first participants.

We are anticipating more interest from the alumni who are currently in the Albany area as some activities have had to be placed on a back burner for a while given the current state of our world right now. Taking precautions to remain healthy does not cancel fun, enjoying the outdoors in late-springtime, dancing, and social gatherings at a reasonable distance.

The reason Jessica looks so far away is because we are walking well over six feet apart from each other as conversation still flows even if we have no choice other than to talk a little louder once in a while. Her staff has posed with an old winter hat that is being used until the mask is delivered due to a backlog of orders at the facility. Staff and the alumni have been asked to wear masks even if it is a bandana or anything that covers their mouths until actual personal protective equipment (PPE) is delivered.

Social Distance Walking Club College ExperienceAlumni have been encouraged to reach out to their Activities Coordinator with any ideas. On that note, we want to show our appreciation to Jessica Lewis for suggesting that we have a Social Distancing Walking Club. The alumni have also shared their stories and entertaining activities enjoyed at home that could be referred to as “Quarantainment!”

We at Living Resources, Inc. hope everybody is doing well, and we look forward to sharing more fun activities that are transpiring among the alumni.