Chris Schlosser Guilderland YMCA 2

Living Resources, Inc. is thankful for the contributions of Chris Schlosser to the College Experience during his time as a student in addition to the impact he has had throughout Albany. We wish him the best of success in his home town of Rochester, NY where he has just moved last week to be closer to his family. Chris has been actively involved with the Stratton VA Medical Center and the Guilderland YMCA during his last year in the auspices of Living Resources, Inc. He has been considered a dedicated member of their respective times at both the VA Center and the YMCA.

Chris’ last week as a resident of Albany has been quite exciting considering that both organizations honored his service. The VA Center presented him with a certificate (its contents have been transcribed below). The Guilderland YMCA also threw him a pizza celebration in which staff filed inside to thank him for being such a reliable volunteer. At the VA Center, Chris has served as an ambassador and transport staff. The Guilderland YMCA has entrusted Chris with the tasks of scanning membership cards, advertising on their bulletin board, and creating Welcome Packets for new members. We wish Chris a great deal of success during his future endeavors, and we all have faith he will use the skills garnered from volunteering to achieve full-blown employment.

Chris Schlosser Stratton VA Medical CenterDepartment of Veterans Affairs Certificate of Appreciation
Presented to Christopher Schlosser

For exemplifying the VA’s Core Values through your positive interactions with veterans, VA staff, and residents while supporting voluntary service.

We appreciate your continued dedication in helping us to provide for the needs of the veterans we serve. It means so much to veterans when they are remembered and recognized for their service to our country.

Thank you for supporting our mission to “care for veterans with compassion and excellence.