Family Cook Nights are one of the many ways students are able to unwind after a day of classes while enhancing their socialization with peers. Students work together on an eclectic selection of recipes and eventually enjoy the fruits of their labors when the recipe is completed.

Family Cook Night College Experience

We are proud to profile Alek, who is a very talented ice skater and an all-around enthusiastic student. In this photograph, Alek is seen showing off the dessert for the evening of Friday, January 18, which happens to be gourmet brownies. Students quickly delegated the work, and the rich concoction was in the oven very shortly.

Students also enhance their culinary talents and knowledge of safety in the kitchen during the cooking classes supervised by staff throughout their freshman year. They also take the initiative of baking their own food for various events related to Holiday Parties and the end-of-the-year celebration.