Today we are profiling an outstanding College Experience freshman named, Lionel Cameron Santos who prefers to go by the name, “Cam.” Cam is nineteen years old with a birthday on June 27th, 2001. His childhood home prior to coming to the College Experience is South Windsor, Connecticut where he lived with his proud family. His mother, Mary is an operating room nurse at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT in charge of administering the IV to prepare patients for surgery. His father, Lee works for an insurance company, and he has a brother named, Carter who is two years younger and a senior in high school. Cam credits his family for helping to get him enrolled in the College Experience as Cam quickly came to the conclusion, “This is a better place where I can learn.” He spoke highly of the intellectual stimulation provided by the variety of classes offered by the College Experience and states, “They are working out great!” His favorites are Executive Functioning, GOOGLE 101 and Community Involvement. In Executive Functioning class, the students are mastering the good habits of arranging their schedules and setting alarms to ensure a smooth start to the morning.

Cam is already thinking about internship opportunities for next year. When asked about his passions, Cam is considering working with the elderly population at an assisted living center or performing work at a local bank in Albany. The interest in working with the elderly comes from his past volunteer work at the senior center in his home community where he helped prepare lunches for the seniors, passed out milk products, and assisted with maintenance work such as wiping down tables. Cam is a man with many skills including crunching numbers, which is one of the reasons he feels working in a bank is right up his alley.

Cam ran cross country in high school and loves to run because he feels, “It makes me have a lot more energy and good exercise.” Some of Cam’s other hobbies are watching movies and enjoying the outdoors with bike rides. At this moment, Cam is taking Driver’s Education courses on Zoom as a result of having earned his Learner’s Permit with the ultimate goal of receiving a license someday. Within the College Experience, we will continue catering to Cam’s goals and help him reach his full potential on top of the support he already receives from family!

Cam has provided us with a photo sitting alongside one of his good friends at the College Experience named, Jacob. (Cam is the one on the left with the black mask.)