The students of the College Experience had the chance to partake in the College of Saint Rose Semi-Formal held in the Saint Joseph’s Auditorium on the date of Friday, April 21, 2023. The theme was The Enchanted Forest this particular night. Everybody was dressed in their best attire for a night of collegiate elegance. At some point, the College Experience students took over the dance floor and were cheered by the rest of the student body while performing their gravity-defying dance gyrations, pivots, jumps, and various other moves to pump up the crowd. One of the most exciting moments during the night was a childhood favorite called, “Musical Chairs” played by much of the student body. The classics should never truly die out, and we must do everything possible to keep them alive at such fun events!

Featured in the first photo from left to right are Grace Perry, Meghan Penman, and Joe Heady. The second photo is Matthew Bloom and Grace once again. We are always so grateful the students attend a college campus in which they are included in all of the activities enjoyed by the mainstream students. This event is going to be one of many that will welcome the more beautiful weather throughout the coming weeks!