Living Resources would like to acknowledge our admiration for Amy Maiorano who worked with her Volunteer Coordinator staff to send out a generous donation of her old clothes to “A Place 2 Belong” in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Her staff was so moved by this generosity that he made the choice to pay for the $29.00 ground shipping at the local post office to cover the cost of getting the items to the center before Christmas Eve. Here is some information about the facility taken off of their website.

A Place 2 Belong is an exclusive social club for adults age 18+ with serious and persistent mental illness that provides a safe, comfortable & supportive environment to work on recovery by managing their mental health in a community setting.

Isolation, loneliness, and stigma are three major roadblocks on the journey to recovery. A Place 2 Belong strives to remove these roadblocks for people with serious mental illness by providing a variety of services. Staff strive to empower members by providing resources to community supports and local providers, and finding entertaining activities and events to broaden horizons.

The club offers social, recreational, educational, and community service opportunities to its members. Members can also do laundry, call their providers, and grab whatever is available from our little food shelf. Lunch is provided Monday through Friday.

We always encourage our alumni to give back in ways their skills, talents, time, and a sensible amount of money can afford. Amy has helped the participants within the Day Community Opportunities Program (DCOP) in their creative writing class as well as donated her public speaking services for free when speaking about her chromosomal condition of Deletion 22q. She has created a music video you can enjoy below.

One of Amy’s newest duties involves instructing the Orientation class for the new employees in which she teaches them how to work with their unique individuals who need some basic amounts of support!

We wish Amy a great deal of success in the future and applaud her benevolence, especially during the Holiday Season.