At the College Experience, we support all of the money-making ventures of the alumni and contribute to their dreams in any way possible! Amy Maiorano has decided to collect cans and bottles for additional spending money with the knowledge that all the “littles” add up “a lot.” Staff took the time to collect as many of these cans and bottles for Amy during his own time and personally drove Amy to give them to the recycling center for some cold, hard cash. (There is also the added benefit to our planet by returning materials back into circulation instead of in a landfill.)

If you have any spare cans or bottles you do not feel like taking all the way to the supermarket, please get in touch with the Media and Activities Liaison of the College Experience, Jesse Saperstein, at

Amy has also ventured out into the community through public speaking about her chromosomal disorder of “Deletion 22q” and has had a strong history in the field of childcare and housekeeping services. We wish Amy success as she continues to pursue more moneymaking ventures that will hopefully have the additional bonus of saving the world!