On the morning of Thursday, January 31, 2019 some of the busy employees within Living Resources, Inc. were caught in a rare, reclining position when not pounding away on their laptops for a while. But they had a very good excuse to lie down for a little while on the job. A decent number of our awesome employees made the choice to open their hearts and hemoglobin-enriched bodies for the sake of saving lives.

Our agency had the honor of hosting the American Red Cross in our Cafetorium who set up their phlebotomy equipment with food and beverages waiting for donors after having given the gift of life to those in need.

American Red Cross Blood Drive College Experience

Featured in these photographs making their donations are Jared Hammond who is our Technology Development Manager and Jesse Saperstein who serves as the Media and Activities Liaison for the College Experience. We appreciate all that the American Red Cross does to enhance the Capital Region and the nation with its humanity.

American Red Cross Blood Drive College ExperienceFurthermore, we are especially grateful for their willingness to take a chance on the talents of some of our alumni of the College Experience that have served as diligent volunteers under the guidance of Casey Garvey who serves as the Volunteer Engagement Representative at the Everett Road site for the American Red Cross.