The Alumni Activities Club has finally discovered one of Albany’s best-kept secrets! There is a place to cool off where the water is forever kept at a balmy 90-degrees and the winters are always mild. We are talking about the Goldfish Swim School located in Colonie, NY in the complex of Wolf Road Shoppers Park on 145 Wolf Road; Albany, NY 12205. The Goldfish Swim School is a franchise located throughout the nation, which is primarily known for teaching small children how to swim. But the complex in Albany allows for a Family Swim Session three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays in which local citizens are welcome to enjoy the facility!

Jessica, Rikhi, Shannon, Jose, and Mia had an ecstatic time splashing around while rediscovering some child-like joys synonymous with summer! After everyone dried off, the alumni gathered at the Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary located next-door.

Our program is still taking precautions and listening to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But at the same time, being vaccinated and the lower COVID-19 case numbers have allowed us to enjoy some thrills that were not experienced last summer. We are going to do what is possible to hone all the precious moments that may be seized until the end of this season. The pool and hot tub at the Guilderland YMCA has also opened back up so we are certainly going to try to make use of this amenity at some point in time!