Who needs the travel and expense necessary to see a show on Broadway? Even though excursions into New York City are definitely in the works for the Alumni Activities Club, the reality is there is often a plethora of talent located right in our backyard. On that note, the College Experience would like to show our appreciation to Jessica Lewis who led a trip to Colonie Central High School so the Alumni Activities Club could see the play, “Legally Blonde.”

College Experience BroadwayThe show was adapted from the 2001 comedy starring Reese Witherspoon. It is about a beautiful, and intelligent, woman named Elle Woods who has her heart broken when her boyfriend breaks up with her shortly before the end of her college career the same night she was certain he would propose marriage. In a desperate attempt to win him back, Elle goes to the extreme of studying to enroll in Harvard Law School where her former boyfriend currently attends. Her feverish desire to prove herself as more than just a “dumb blonde” results in success that is more profound than her original goal.

This show gave us more than hearty laughs. We were inspired by the messages of looking beyond first impressions and not putting ourselves at the mercy of someone else to determine our self-worth.

Staff and alumni took the CDTA bus to the show. Even though the staff of the College Experience are fully capable of driving the alumni in vehicles, we always try to take the buses to local events to continue honing the skills taught during their two years at the College Experience. It is our goal to remind the students how they have the power to pursue these activities at any given time even without staff assistance.

College Experience BroadwayAs staff, however, we enjoy leading the alumni on such adventures and indulging in fun activities we would certainly not mind doing after work hours. Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This staff morale is very common within the College Experience as well as the entire agency of Living Resources, Inc. Our staff are looking forward to having the alumni advocate for their future activity plans and tagging along on such exploits.