Guptill’s Skating Arena College ExperienceThere is nothing more nostalgic than roller skating to stimulating music and access to a massive video arcade. Even in adulthood, it brings back memories of childhood birthday parties, Carvel Ice Cream Cake, or turning the tables on the unrelenting ghosts in the Pacman arcade game before the advent of YouTube and smartphones!

This is exactly what the alumni of the College Experience had in mind on the date of Sunday, March 24, 2019 when the Alumni Activities Club traveled with staff to Guptill’s Skating Arena in Cohoes, NY. Featured in this photograph is Jose Togalvez, who skated a typhoon around the complex with two of his peers, Rob and Mia.

As the weather becomes warmer there are going to be plenty of other options for activities such as the shores of Lake George and Splashdown Beach & Water Park. Considering the weather is currently in a state of limbo between winter and impending spring, we will settle for the artificial warmth and real excitement of places like Guptill’s until Mother Nature catches up with the Alumni Activities Club!

Guptill’s Skating Arena is actually featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Largest Indoor Skating Rink” and has been a family business for 68 years. We are happy to have this convenience as well as so many other venues as an option for the recreational pursuits of the College Experience within the Capital Region!