It’s been a quiet week here at The College Experience with the students home (or away with family at gorgeous, sunny locales!) for the College of Saint Rose’s Spring Break. As much as we miss the students, it has given all of our instructors some much needed time to plan our curriculum and activities for the rest of the semester and to reflect upon all that the students have accomplished so far!

I am so pleased to announce that all of the students in our Blogging course were able to get their personal WordPress websites up and running prior to leaving for the break. Mind you, all of the blogs are a work in progress but I am so proud of what the students have achieved; they’ve each build their own blog – essentially a website – from scratch!

We would love for you to check out our blogs and continue to revisit the blogs throughout the semester as students continue to improve their sites and add new articles and media.

To visit each blog, simply click on the links provided to the right. Our students would also love for you to subscribe to and comment on their blog entries!

Jordan’s Ultimate Hip Hop Blog:

Miranda’s Amazing Musical Blog:

Isaac’s Space and Gravity Blog:

Emily’s Animals Blog:

Louis’ Wrestling Blog:

Shannon’s TV and Movies Blog:

Rikhi’s Cooking and Recipes Blog:

Susie’s Fashion Blog:


Happy Reading! P.S. – In order to navigate some of the WordPress pages, you may need to use the box with the lines inside of it located at either the top left hand or right hand corner of the screen – this will enable you to locate other blog entries and “About Me” pages.