The Social Distance Walking Club of the College Experience had its second meeting on Saturday, April 25, 2020 starting at 2:00 PM. We took a long walk to Buckingham Pond Conservancy down Euclid Avenue while making an effort to keep a safe distance even though it made conversation somewhat difficult at times.

Buckingham Pond College ExperienceAs the meetings proceed, we will figure out ways to continue this club that allows for social distancing while still maintaining a social discourse. This afternoon was a balmy 65 degrees, which served as a contrast to the light snow that dusted all of our vehicles exactly eight days earlier in the early morning!

In the spirit of the glass being half-full, we are looking forward to many more of these 65-plus degree days to seize opportunities for exercise and socialization at a safe distance. Buckingham Lake offered an opportunity to welcome the harbingers of springtime and observe the many ducks and other forms of wildlife that are oblivious to the state of our world at this very moment.