The Alumni Activities Club recently ventured out to the famous Ice Castles Exhibit in Lake George where countless icicles have created a fantastical feast for the eyes. For those Disney-philes, it may as well have been conjured up by Princess Elsa of Arendelle. The enemy of this massive collection of icicles is unseasonable warmth in the middle of winter combined with rain. But the conditions were absolutely perfect when we went on this adventure. It was in the mid-twenties all day long, and here are some of our photographs.

The Alumni Activities Club is going to try to seize what is left of winter to enjoy the outdoors without the presence of mosquitoes and poison ivy. We may go ice skating and even winter hiking at the Pine Bush Preserve. There will be days when we want to fast-forward to springtime and other days, we will embrace the beauty of winter as though we are walking through the enchanted wardrobe into snow-bound Narnia. We hope you will enjoy some of the photographs that were captured during the trip to this breathtaking Winter Wonderland. Prior to exploring the Ice Castles, the alumni had lunch at the Lake George Beach Club Restaurant.

The Ice Castles are located at 19 West Brook Road; Lake George, NY 12845, and the web page with all of the relevant information may be found at: