The Alumni Activities Club ventured out to the Guilderland YMCA where there is an indoor aquatic oasis from the bitter cold in the form of a heated swimming pool, a hot tub, and sauna facilities!

Mia, James, Rob, and Rachael enjoyed these amenities as guests of the complex while splashing around with pool dumbbells and relaxing in the hot tub. Rachael is currently a senior within the College Experience and was invited by staff and alumni to be a guest for this particular activity considering it correlates with her ambitious fitness goals. We appreciate the alumni welcoming Rachael into the group and advocating for such an awesome activity. (We do not call it the Awesome Alumni Activities Club for nothing!)

Guilderland YMCA Trip College Experience

After showering and changing back into their dry clothes, everyone was transported by staff to the Capital City Diner where the night ended with delicious food and conversation.

We look forward to numerous other activities whether it is snow tubing on one of the nearby mountains or once again putting winter on a back-burner by visiting an indoor water park. The purpose of the Alumni Activities Club is to combine socialization, community navigation, and advocacy with the creation of recreational adventures.