I clean pots and pans and serve units who eat in their rooms now at Our Lady of Mercy Life Center. I also sanitize the floors. It is like having a big group of grandparents. You get to know them very well and they are really kind and sweet and they are heartwarming.

One unit is affected by COVID-19 but they separated the ones with the virus with the ones who do not have it. Most people are alright, though. During lunch I have to sweep the floor and scrub the floor. I am mainly in the kitchen. Now with the virus we have to meet the nurses at the door to give them the food that will go to the residents.

I know we are in a pandemic right now, but our lives will be back to normal. Just think about coming back to normal and living your regular life again. Stay positive and stay sane and make sure that you guys are not losing your minds. Keep busy and we will all be together with our families again and with our significant others and having fun again in large gatherings. Just keep a positive mind.

I used to work at the Melting Pot before it went out of business. I also interned at The Point. It was a great experience being at the College Experience. There were a lot of ups and downs and I made a lot of friends who became family. We learned stuff that you know how to do, but you also learned stuff that you never learned. I never knew how to work at a washer and dryer before the College Experience. I try to go to the Meet and Greets at the Colonie Center with the Wrestlers and have face masks. They have lines on the floor to keep social distancing guidelines in-tact. I have met famous wrestlers like AJ Styles. My friends Gary, Sean, and Nick went with me. But it depends on my schedule.