The College Experience hired a Media and Activities Liaison six years ago in June 2015. One of his unique duties is creating Holiday cards for the students of the College Experience as well as their supportive families. We also send the students cards in honor of their graduation in May! These are not ordinary greeting cards, however. They are handwritten from top to bottom and are personalized for each student. The messages going out this year to many families shortly after January 1st will be New Year’s cards.

There is one family who has been such a die-hard fan of the greeting cards for all these years that they were given a little bit of a bonus this year! Their Holiday card was complemented with additional messages in regards to those upcoming Holidays both major and minor. Greeting cards pertaining to Groundhog Day to Halloween made it to their home just in time for Christmas Eve along with two small gifts. The family was ecstatic to receive such an unexpected surprise, and our program will continue the fading art form of handwritten cards to commemorate large holidays as well as any substantial accomplishments of our students!