We are always so pleased when students unite to celebrate traditions and other fun events throughout the year with staff assisting as necessary. All are usually welcome including alumni who wish to remain involved with the program and mentor the current students.

On that note, some of the students of the College Experience gathered in the common area of one of the houses to enjoy the sportsman-like battle between the 49ers and the Chiefs for Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2, 2020. One interesting side note, this particular Sunday also happened to be Groundhog Day as well as the first date in countless years that is also a palindrome in the sense that 02-02-2020 is the same written backwards and forwards!

Super Bowl at the College ExperienceThe students gathered with snacks, homemade brownies, and everybody chipped in a few dollars to order a pizza pie to be delivered to the house. Most of them were not rooting for a specific team and were just glad to enjoy a fun Sunday with classmates. An alumnus named, Henry from the Class of 2016 also stopped by to meet the new students for the first time and indulge in the celebration.