It is that annual tradition again when everybody rages against the cold of winter by generating their own feverish enthusiasm on Super Bowl Sunday. Everybody unites as one regardless of what team they are rooting for on this epic day of football hysteria. The students of the College Experience did just that when they united on Sunday, February 3, 2019 in one of their houses that is large enough to accommodate everybody in the program.

Super Bowl LII College Experience

Regardless of who is celebrating a victory and who has their hearts broken at the end of the day, just about all of us can agree that the commercials are what unite us all. Most of us remember the day we were inspired by the head of Christopher Reeve digitally, superimposed on an able-bodied actor promoting what scientific innovations the future may hold. Or Clint Eastwood reminding us that it is merely “half-time in America and our second half is about to begin” after being burdened by years of heavy recession.

Super Bowl LII Cake College Experience

If we were to make a Super Bowl commercial about our unique program we would probably find a way to promote the intelligence and abilities of our students that surmount stereotypes of young adults with intellectual disabilities! Perhaps, you as the reader, could give us some ideas.

Some of the students made their own food and Leanne’s cinnamon oranges were a huge hit with staff and students alike. Brendan bought everybody two cases of cupcakes shaped just like a football and made the generous choice to donate them to the staff at Living Resources, Inc. when one of the packages was not consumed.

Enjoy these photos of the students celebrating. It is a consensus that most of them are Patriots fans along with our program director, Jennifer Richard so the day ended perfectly!

Super Bowl LII College Experience