Some cherished, childhood rituals never lose their luster no matter how much we age! Summertime is always a very exciting and much-anticipated time for both the College Experience students and alumni. Nearby beaches and pools finally break free from their dormant state after what seemed like an endless winter. It is time for shorts, swimsuits, sandals, and the nostalgic scent of suntan lotion.

The Alumni Activities Club recently welcomed the beginning of summer with a trip to SplashDown Beach in Fishkill, NY and were transported by staff from Albany in an agency van. James, Mia, Bill, and Rob made the most fun out of an oppressive heat wave on Sunday, July 1, 2018 with near-record high temperatures. They braved some thrilling attractions such as The Megalodon, the Bullet Bowl, and chilled out in some of the tamer attractions such as the Lazy River and the Wave Pool.

The alumni are planning a trip to visit the beaches of Newport, RI at the beginning of August with a three night, two day stay at the beachfront Comfort Inn. The Alumni Activities Group has also been opened to recently-graduated students who are about to enter the Transitions Program.

The Alumni Activities Club is a means for the alumni to continue honing their Community Navigation skills, and every effort is made to have the alumni use public transportation with the assistance of staff if the activity is within the Capital Region or accessible through a bus line. The ultimate goal is to remind students that having an adventure does not always depend on whether staff are available to personally transport them. Alumni may seize such opportunities using the resources at their disposable in addition to the abilities that were augmented during their time at the College Experience.

We look forward to utilizing the advantages of summertime and trying our best to honor the wishes of the alumni to visit as many places as possible!