Students Go Green Albany City DumpThe College Experience cares deeply about environmental issues and always encourages the students to recycle in their houses by separating items of trash. We want our students to go off into the world and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. On that note, one of the many trips we took into the community over the past few months was an excursion to the Albany City Dump.

Our tour guide explained the scientific components of organizing the city’s refuse in a way that protects the water supply while controlling ecological factors that interfere with the decomposition process. We also learned that rain is the biggest enemy toward the process taking place in a smooth fashion, and this environmental hurdle is combated by hired experts.

The College Experience has also taught gardening classes and has organized litter cleanups around the community to give back while increasing morale in the Capital Region. (Nobody wants to live among refuse because it is not a healthy way to exist.)

Circumstances are never going to be perfect because we cannot control the actions of other people. But our program will continue to band together to make things a little closer to “perfection”!

Students Go Green Albany City DumpIn October 2018, a human interest piece appeared on CBS News in which our Media and Activities Liaison spoke about his role in the College Experience while single-handedly removing every piece of debris from a local CDTA bus shelter that has been inundated with litter.

We look forward to keeping you updated on more events related to “Keeping our World Green” and hopefully the rest of the world will follow the examples of some of our environmentally-conscious students!