The students and at least one alumnus of the College Experience made the trip on the afternoon of Sunday, February 6, 2022 to travel to Dave and Buster’s located at the Crossgates Mall a few miles away from campus. For those who are not familiar with this complex, Dave and Buster’s is a video game paradise geared toward gaming enthusiasts of all ages. It blends nostalgia in the sense of classic games such as Pacman and Galaga receiving a modern upgrade on ginormous screens! The College Experience firmly believes that one is never too old for video games played in moderation, which is why staff lead such excursions during the recreational time enjoyed by our students. The students also have access to the Madison Theatre a short walk away from campus, the Market 32 supermarket, CVS, and numerous other amenities.

Featured in the first photograph are senior student Anthony Goetke and alumnus DaniellePassariello testing their luck on the token machine. The second photograph shows the students sitting down in the dining area about to enjoy a nice meal.