Finding his passion through blood donation

Jesse Saperstein says he feels like a champion when he gives blood-and he’s one of the Red Cross’ most dedicated friends. The New York resident shared his story about one of his passions in life: donating blood to help someone in need.

“During my junior year, I became a blood donor. Giving blood made me feel brave and proud to help save lives; like I could finally be just like my peers.

Growing up on the autism spectrum has made it difficult to connect and build relationships in my community. However, from the moment I entered my first blood drive and gave my first donation, a mutual friendship with the American Red Cross was established and has been constant for more than 20 years.”

Jesse was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the beginning of high school. Now, he’s a motivational speaker and autism advocate. He also has a job helping college students with intellectual disabilities at The College of Saint Rose in New York.

“I feel like a champion, and like I’m solving a problem every time I roll up my sleeve to give,” Jesse says. “I know that with each blood donation I make, I am helping to save more than one life.”

The Red Cross is deeply grateful for Jesse’s passion and support! To be a blood donor like Jesse, please visit today to schedule your appointment. Living Resources and the College Experience also want to show appreciation for the local chapter of the American Red Cross located on 33 Everett Road off of Central Avenue. They have been quite generous with providing volunteer opportunities for the individuals we support.

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