Speed Dating College of Saint RoseEven though the students of the College Experience take their own classes with separate adjunct professors facilitating the curriculum, they are fully immersed in the culture and activities within the College of Saint Rose. We thank the student body, faculty, and leaders for embracing our students along with creating such phenomenal activities to fill their free time with social pursuits.

One of the more unique activities was a post-Valentine’s Day surprise on Friday, February 15, 2019 in the Midnight Eats Lounge on Madison Avenue. Midnight Eats, which is normally a late-night dining and relaxation area, was turned into Dating Central as plenty of our students chose to participate in Speed Dating. They paid a very small fee to have the chance of meeting other college students beyond those in the program to tell each other about their interests, life backgrounds, and what they are looking for in a romantic relationship. It is a lot to cover in just four minutes before they move on to the next person of interest.

The purpose of this event was to have fun and not merely focus on finding that special someone who does not immediately say, “I like you, but I like you more as a friend.” What we hope to instill within our students is that they have something to offer anyone who gives them a chance either as a good friend or even a little more than a platonic connection. The Speed Dating event was organized by the Vocal Angels, which happens to be a Christian Choir on campus.

Speed Dating College of Saint RoseWe will always encourage our students to expand their social circle beyond their peers in the College Experience. On that note, we are overjoyed to see the students hone their abilities in venues such as Creative Apes (an Improv group) and taking the initiative to embrace opportunities such as freshman student, Danielle when she was chosen to be a part of the Golden Knights Dance Club Team at the beginning of the school year after having practiced various art forms of dancing since the age of eight!