I have some good tips and advice for all the new freshman that are coming into this program. You will learn a lot of good things here, like taking the bus and learning to cook new things. You will also learn how to budget your money. You will learn how to do finance.


One piece of advice is that the Camelot Room on campus can be expensive. The Camelot Room is the Saint Rose cafeteria. So, it’s better to pack your lunch at home. You will get to go grocery shopping next year under a budget. You will also learn how to walk to and from campus. The classes are really fun. You will learn how to plan your own events, like parties. You will learn about your passport. The passport is an assignment where you need to go to lots of different events and activities at Saint Rose during the semester.


My friend and me at semi-formal




When I’m a senior next year I will help you get around campus. You will learn how to walk around campus and you will take a test to make sure that you know where you are going. You will also get to do fitness and in fitness you can do a variety of things like walking, Zumba, sports, the fitness center, dancing, and swimming. The events that you will do in community involvement include events like open gym, open swim, bowling, some concerts, open mic, and anime club. You will get to do R.A.D.class which is a self-defense class. It was a really fun self-defense training class. You get to learn how to protect yourself and stay safe. You will like the College Experience because you will have a lot of fun here!