Self Advocacy Class Zoom College ExperienceOne of the classes being taught with the online Zoom curriculum of the College Experience is “Self-Advocacy and Empowerment” with Jesse Saperstein serving as the instructor who is our Media and Activities Liaison.

Self-Advocacy is arguably the most important skill anyone with a disability can possess coupled with the will to put their desires into action. Everyone has the right to reach for their potential whether it is learning how to drive a car or living independently as long as these goals may be accomplished safely with sufficient support.

Some of the topics discussed during the Self-Advocacy class that meets Monday through Friday at 6:00 o’clock in the evening are:

  • Advocating for oneself in the job setting.
  • The word, “Ability” composes most of the word, “Disability.” What are some of the many areas in which you have skills? What are some aspects of life you cannot perform quite as well because everybody has weaknesses?
  • How can you use your time wisely while staying at home with your family during these unusual times? Make a “To-Do List” of four tasks that you plan to complete by the time we have class the following day.
  • Everybody has bad days, and the ultimate goal is to try to have a lot more good days than bad ones. (One is an adult first and somebody with a disability second.) What if everything is going wrong on a specific day, and it is impossible to be at your absolute best? How can you properly advocate for yourself without shirking adult responsibilities and just explain to your employer or teacher that you are having some personal problems?

The class is facilitated by an instructor, although it is safe to claim that the class teaches itself with the spontaneous material and questions that come from the students who are enrolled.

Below is a screenshot of (from top left to top right) Jesse, Jordann; Sarah, and Ra’Kwon. We look forward to more material generated from the class and connecting through cyber media until we are all physically together once again.

Self Advocacy Class Zoom College Experience