From watching this, you would think this is a viral video that has millions of views on the Internet. (It really should be a viral video, and we appreciate Sam giving us permission to post it!)

This footage was captured at the beginning of the spring semester with the College of Saint Rose Athletic Center long before the Coronavirus and social distancing was an issue. This features Sam Nam bringing down the house and turning into a sudden sports hero (at least in the eyes of the Baseball Team!).

This footage was taken of our 2019 College Experience alumnus, Sam Nam who was invited onto the basketball court of the College of Saint Rose where members of the college’s Baseball Team were having their practice. They saw Sam in the hallway and had invited him to make one three-point free throw with a volleyball. If Sam made it then everybody would be allowed to go home, and the long practice for the team would be over. They would be released! But if he missed the whole team would have been made to run quite a few more laps. As you can see, Sam made it his first try, and the team ran out in celebration and thunderous cheers. It was just like a movie, and it is moments like this when educators are reminded why they perform this type of work!

Sam is very well-liked among the athletic teams within the College of Saint Rose and is highly interested in sports. We are so glad that the students we work with at the College Experience are supported by such an amazing college community! Sam also had a successful tenure as a volunteer at the Special Olympics site located on New Karner Road. We look forward to having him and the rest of the students return when circumstances are safe once again.