Ryan Peterson just joined the Alumni Activities Club for his first event in which the club went to the Madison Theatre only a stone’s throw away from the College Experience. The movie featured the two original Spider-men played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in addition to Tom Holland who is the latest reincarnation of this iconic character. There was also an impressive assortment of Marvel villains connected with the Spider-man franchise. The theatre has maintained its iconic name but is under new management that has allowed people to actually see a movie while dining on delicious food at their own private tables with companions. Ryan and another alumnus had the chance to experience this new addition within their Albany neighborhood.

After seeing the movie, Ryan and the group went to the Bard and Baker Cafe one door down from the Madison Theatre, which is a unique cafe stocked with just about every major and obscure board game ever made! Ryan has some of his past artwork hung up on the wall and took the time to sketch them a new drawing of Morgana from Persona 5. We have featured a close-up photograph of the drawing as well as Ryan posing with his newest contribution to Bard and Baker’s collection of artwork!

Not only is Ryan a very talented artist, but he is also starting a position working for the Albany International Airport that will begin this month. We wish Ryan a great deal of anticipated success at the start of this new stepping stone in his career and all of his future endeavors as a College Experience alumnus.