The College Experience welcomed back Reed Grontas to the Transitions Program who graduated with the Class of 2019. His mother and the rest of the family was sad to see him leave after this extended Holiday vacation. But they were able to squeeze in one last adventure on his way back home.

Reed and his mother toured the new architectural wonder at the Amtrak station in Manhattan (Moynihan Hall) after talking a walk through Herald Square. Reed has become a valuable addition to the FOCUS Church Food Pantry located on State Street. Reed has made a name for himself at the College Experience for over three years due to his work ethic and independence with Community Navigation. He has been traveling long-distance for years anywhere from Saratoga to New York City and elsewhere. Reed is currently working for Primal Butcher where he started on December 7th and has also had an impressive career at the Albany Marriott. On another important note, Reed was a pioneer in the sense that he became one of the first College Experience students to extend his college career at our relatively new CareerNext Program at SUNY Schenectady College.

We wish Reed a wonderful start to 2021, and we have little doubt he will be successful based on how well he has handled the unprecedented challenges of 2020!