The College Experience always feels privileged when our students decide to continue their journey with us by entering the Transitions Program after they graduate, which is led by Suzanne Bernier with the help of staff such as Shannon Sperry. The Transitions Program allows an increased sense of independence in their own home with a decreased staff presence. But staff continue to remain involved in all of the exciting endeavors of our individuals while giving them gentle pushes to remain reasonably busy and not let the skills atrophy that were taught over the two years in the College Experience.

One of our motivated Transitions participants is Ra’Kwon Brady who is currently working with his Activities Coordinator, Jesse Saperstein on maintaining his goals. They recently traveled to the Guilderland YMCA on Monday, September 27, 2021,where Ra’Kwon utilized Jesse’s guest pass to enjoy the elliptical equipment and expansive aquatic facilities. He even found some time to shoot hoops, too!

After the YMCA adventure, Jesse drove Ra’Kwon to Bellini’s Counter in the Stuyvesant Plaza where he enjoyed some healthy gourmet food to replenish a portion of the calories burnt during the YMCA outing. Ra’Kwon has always been one of our most athletic alumni and was a football player in high school who was respected by his teammates.