On the morning of Wednesday, November 10, 2022 our students gathered for Cooking Class in one of the College Experience houses with the purpose of creating Pasta with Broccoli. The culinary courses are just one of several required pieces of our curriculum taught to the students for at least two years! Nearly all the dishes are made from scratch as the students follow simple recipes. Some of the students learn so many skills that it transfers into a career within the hospitality industry.

We have included a few photos such as Michael Kleinman hamming for the camera; Ella (or at least her hands) preparing the broccoli; and the final, delicious product resting in the pot. This goes without saying, but the best part of class is arguably tasting the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) fruits of their labors! Cooking class is a reminder that nothing worthwhile happens like a light switch. Creating something substantial always happens by tackling one incremental step at a time while asking for help when necessary.