On Saturday, August 20th, 2022, the Alumni Activities Club took a trip to Lake George with the Our House Ministry that has been run by Colin Allyn who is the father of an alumnus named, Tom Allyn over the past nine years. This is a social group catered specifically for individuals living with disabilities. It is a safe space for people to be free of bullying and judgements from others while having the opportunity to go on adventures near and far. Colin Allyn has done an incredible job creating this haven for people of all abilities and walks of life. We are so saddened to hear the news that he has been forced to step down from these duties as the Our House leader due to health reasons and are hoping that someone will be able to carry the torch nearly as good as him!

The tour bus left the St. Edward The Confessor Church at 10:45 AM and took the bus to Lake George for a 4 ½ hour-long cruise with the Lake George Steamboat Company located at 57 Beach Road;

Lake George, NY 12845. The cruise had a delicious buffet lunch complete with musical entertainment from a live band and dancing. The announcer on the boat also regaled us with some history of Lake George and how it was named by William Johnson on August 28, 1755 in honor of King George II during the Battle of Lake George. William Johnson had led British colonial forces in battle that defeated the French forces during the French and Indian War. The people in attendance had a wonderful experience making new friends and enjoying the peak of summer.

Here are some photographs of Christina Higgins posing at one of the buffet tables with a family friend in addition to Carl Greenman; Maxim Holzhueter; and Nick Williams leaning against the backdrop of the sprawling lake. We also ran into Isaac Newman who is a 2017 College Experience alumnus also attending this popular summer event with Our House. Isaac was kind enough to allow us to get a photograph of him staring introspectively into the water. There is certainly a calming effect in regards to this natural beauty that has been unchangeable since the beginning of time…