On the date of Friday, October 8, 2021, staff and students traveled to the Colonie Golf & Country Club where they participated in the annual tournament to benefit the College Experience. The receding case numbers during the pandemic made it possible to enjoy this cherished event during the Indian summer when the weather happened to be absolutely beautiful all day long! The individuals featured in the photographs have all been fully vaccinated, too.

There were so many wonderful raffle prizes donated by generous businesses throughout the area such as gift certificates to the Black and Blue Steak and Crab Restaurant and baskets containing assortments of gourmet wine. Two of our students, Abby and Andrew served as Hole Watchers in case one of the golfers made that mythical hole in one. Also in attendance was Tor who is actually such a talented golfer that during the tournament two years ago, golfers made a donation to have the privilege of trying to outdrive his golf ball. Even though it typically happens only once a year at the average golf course, it is certainly not impossible, and witnesses are necessary to capture this Golfing Miracle!

We thank all of the people from the public as well as our most loyal supporters who came out to ensure that this event would be as amazing as possible. Included in our VIP of attendees were the original CEO of Living Resources, Fred Erlich as well as our newest CEO, Elizabeth Martin. We are looking forward to numerous events in the future as circumstances hopefully continue inching forward to the Old Normal!