New York State Animal Advocacy Day Group ShotOn Tuesday, June 5th the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in the New York State Capital was transformed into an exotic zoo! There were animals of all breeds, species, and walks of life present in honor of the NYS Animal Advocacy Day.

Also manning a booth were instructor Fern Pivar and many of our College Experience students.Fern leads the students in a not-for-profit business called Phat Dog in which they bake and market dog biscuits that contain only natural ingredients for our canine companions within the Capital Region. Unlike commercial dog treats found in a typical grocery store, Phat Dog does not use preservatives or chemicals in their ingredients.

Featured behind the booth are rising College Experience seniors, Leanne and Henry! Leanne was interviewed about their mission and this is what she has to say: “Phat Dog is an entrepreneurial program owned and operated by people with special needs in the College Experience program at Saint Rose. What we do is create and sell dog biscuits and then we donate the proceeds to the animals in need.”

Please contact Fern Pivar at if you would like to place an order for these bodacious biscuits created by our own students!

   Not-For-Profit Phat Dog