Nick Williams is a College Experience graduate from the class of 2018 who has been actively pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional actor. His Media and Activities Liaison has been taking many steps to assist Nick in the pursuit of his dreams. The staff member even went to the point of arranging a Zoom meeting with an actor who has been one of the busiest thespians over the past 30 years. He has acted alongside some of the most famous actors in the entire world such as Robert DeNiro and Harrison Ford while earning their respect! The fiercely-talented gentleman has declined to be identified in this social media entry due to the fact that like many people in Hollywood, he has been an easy target for unsavory people and unwanted attention. But let’s just say that if you have watched many movies over the course of your lifetime…you are one hundred percent likely to have seen this actor at some point in your life due to his numerous credits on television and the silver screen!

The actor told Nick plenty of anecdotes about his time in Hollywood including the advice that Harrison Ford once gave him. “Never let them see you sweat!” This pertains to the ability to act and make it seem natural. Most people do not realize this piece of reality while enjoying the magical final product in the movie theatre…but making movies is very hard work! When we see Jim Carrey completely unrecognizable as The Grinch under pounds of green makeup, it seems like he is having the time of his life playing this role. But it actually involves sitting in the makeup chair at the crack of dawn going through the same thing every single day while pretending to be in a fake Yuletide Fantasy Land. As Nick’s Media and Activities Liaison always tells others he works with, “Nobody gets paid a lot of money to have fun all day long! If you are getting paid for something, chances are it is going to be very hard.” But as Tom Hanks from A League of their Own said in his immortal quote toward the end of the movie, “It is supposed to be hard. If it were easy everybody would do it. The hard is what makes it great!”

Nick lives with cerebral palsy and also has a stutter that seems to disappear when he performs under the guidance of his acting coach, Lora Lee Ecobelli. The actor told Nick he should try singing his words just like the late-Country Music Star named Mel Tillis whose stutter disappeared when he sang. The actor is not someone who would give someone false hope so he was serious when telling Nick that he has a future as an actor. There are many production companies these days who wish to give a chance to those thespians who are living with a disability but otherwise have something wonderful to offer any project.

Included is a photograph of Nick Williams performing with the Blue Horse Repertory Company at Sage College this month. We have much to look forward to with regards to Nick’s potential. He has recently starred in his first critically-acclaimed film titled Laurina that is based on the life of Lora Lee’s grandmother. Laurina has been selected for viewing at the prestigious Orlando and Fort Lauderdale Film Festivals. We have also attached a photograph of this upcoming motion picture that will soon be available for streaming on Amazon Prime!