Nick Williams Shakespeare College ExperienceNick Williams, who is a 2019 alumnus of the College Experience, has been pursuing his acting ambitions and recently had a stellar performance at the St. Anne Institute located at 160 North Main Avenue.

The event was called, “Dining with Will,” which was promoted as “A hearty and delicious collage of Shakespeare scenes and monologues”. Nick portrayed the shepherd character of Silvius in a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and also Count Palatine in another scene. Nick is very excited about landing a part in a student film that is scheduled to begin filming in a year.

“Dining with Will” was produced by Blue Horse Repertory Company where Nick Williams receives acting lessons. Nick has traveled to New York City on two occasions with the Alumni Activities Club to view performances with the neurodiverse (a.k.a. professional performers of all abilities) theater group and his passion is being supported by his mother as well as the rest of the College Experience staff. He also maintains volunteer positions as an usher at the Palace Theatre and at the Guilderland YMCA.

Nick Williams Shakespeare College ExperienceWe have included photos of Nick in the middle of his Shakespearean performance as well as posing afterwards with his alumni peers Jose, Jessica, and his acting coach, Lora Lee Ecobelli. Lora Lee is a veteran and classically-trained actress who has provided Nick with valuable experience and advice. She is also a writer, teacher and the Artistic Director of Blue Horse Repertory Company with many impressive credits under her name in addition to having collaborated with prominent thespians in her career such as the Academy Award-winning actor, Chris Cooper! We thank her and the rest of the performers for being one of the many positive influences in Nick’s life!