On the date of Monday, August 15th, 2022, the College Experience welcomed our new freshman class of 2022-2024. We are enthralled to embrace this new group of eager and talented students who are settling into the program! We thank all of our staff for being present on this Move-In Day followed by an eventful Orientation. The seniors have been assisting us by serving as mentors helping their new peers adjust to life in the program. They clearly remember what it was like for them to be in the exact same position only a year earlier and have a special type of guidance beyond what the staff is able to offer. As you can clearly see from the recent photos, our circumstances are much closer to pre-pandemic life while respecting all the current guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. It may not be perfect at times, but we shall continue to inch circumstances closer to whatever is comfortable for the students to guarantee a strong start in a safe manner.

The College Experience looks forward to a new beginning with these students and watching them reach their potential with assistance from their staff whenever necessary. Enjoy all of the photographs of the students saying their goodbyes to their loving family and setting foot onto campus for the very first time!