Under the guidance of art instructor Sharon Lombardi, some CEP students created gorgeous mosaic pieces during a Summer I elective course. Students learned how to sketch out initial designs on paper, and to select the colors to be used in their designs. Then, students were instructed in how to use tile nippers to cut glass and ceramic tiles, how to place the tiles on wooden boards, and then use glue and grout to cement the tiles in place. Some students chose designs that depicted objects, animals or symbols, while other students created designs that were more abstract. The photos do not do the pieces justice; they are even more beautiful in person!

The College Experience students make Mosaics-tree  The College Experience Mosaics-inprogress  The College Experience Mosaics-flag The College Experience Mosaics-elephant  The College Experience Mosaics-creation process The College Experience Mosaics-car  The College Experience Mosaics-abstract  The College Experience Mosaics-ginger