Miranda and Friends College Experience

Hi Readers! My experience here at The College Experience was kind of scary at first to leave from my hometown but once I got used to it, I made new friends that helped me. My first freshman semester was kind of hard but I got through it with help with my freshman friends and a few seniors in the program. Now I really enjoy it because I am starting my second semester as a freshman. I get to live in an apartment style like dorm with housemates and my roommate and my first experience living with a roommate was a little tough and hard but I got help from staff along the way.

I really enjoy some of my classes right now like “Self Expression” because it is teaching me how to set up a blog and I have a good teacher that is teaching it. I’m looking forward to spending my two years with my friends until we graduate and I know this because I have great teachers in every class that I’m in. One thing that my experience has also included is learning to be nice to people.

By your senior year you get first choice for picking your classes, so next year I’ll be a senior and I’ve really enjoyed The College Experience so far. I made new friends and I am so grateful because you do events and activities, and take buses to everywhere you go. I did a class on taking buses so that is called “Community Navigation” so that will take time to process and it took time for me too but I passed all my bus tests so now I’m bus certified. “Yay!” Now I can go to Crossgates Mall, Stuyvesant Plaza and downtown Albany on my own.