It is no secret that every student at the College Experience has some form of an intellectual disability that will prevent them from reaching their potential at a mainstream university that comes with often-rigorous expectations. The majority of our students are not meant to thrive in a molecular biology or calculus class regardless of their relentless efforts to succeed. On the other hand, it is a frequent fallacy that people with intellectual disabilities do not possess unusual talents or reach accomplishments that require intense intellectual efforts.

The Rubik’s Cube is an infamously-difficult puzzle that most sensible people do not even bother with if they value their time and sanity. Some people have the belief that it is literally impossible to solve! This was not the case for one of our current student, Miles.

We are pleased to present a photograph of Miles posing with his man-made badge of triumph. Miles has managed to solve the Rubix’s Cube!! We are looking forward to seeing what Miles and the rest of his peers will accomplish with their abilities during the rest of their College Experience career!

(This photograph is the courtesy of Miles’ house staff, Erin Kennedy)