Michael Mortensen shared with us some amazing news regarding his career trajectory! Michael is going to be working at Community Care Physicians in Latham, NY where some of his duties include scanning and filing papers; using the dishwasher to sanitize the toys for the children; cleaning exam rooms and the waiting room; running the dishwasher and emptying it once a day; and using the computer for data entry purposes. This is a part-time job for Michael that is scheduled for the entire day on Mondays and Wednesdays and half-a-day every Friday.

Michael is starting this job on Monday, January 10, 2022 and will receive a virtual orientation in addition to a month of training throughout January. Michael’s goal is that there is potential for this to turn into a full-time position after he gets the hang of things. In the meantime, Michael is also dividing his professional contributions with Living Resources in their Financial Department performing scanning and filing duties.

Attached is a photograph of Michael enjoying a ski trip about three years ago. We wish Michael a great deal of success with all his endeavors, but we have few doubts he is going to be quite successful in his quest for full-time work and finding an apartment in Albany!