In a series called “Meet the Instructor,” we will introduce you to some of our CEP Instructors throughout the year. We hope you will enjoy learning more about our fantastic adjunct professors who are absolutely dedicated to helping our students to learn and grow!

The first instructor we would like to introduce is Michelle Brown!

CEP: What are your credentials? (degree, alma mater, etc.)
Michelle: I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). I earned my degree from SUNY Albany’s School of Social Welfare.  I earned my undergraduate degree from Hartwick College.

CEP: What is your teaching background? What kinds of classes have you taught in the past?
Michelle: At St. Rose, I’ve taught:
  • Mythology
  • Public Speaking
  • Independence Seminar several times
I’ve also taught other classes for Adult Education:
  • Communication Skills
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Dating and Relationships
  • Cooking
  • Talent Show

CEP: How long have you been teaching for the College Experience Program?
Michelle: I’ve been teaching for CEP since 2013.

CEP: What is your favorite part about teaching for the College Experience Program?
Michelle: Challenging myself to learn new facts along with the students and to visit new places with them.

CEP: Do you have any favorite CEP memories?
Michelle: Traveling to Sleepy Hollow for the Mythology Class was fantastic!  Visiting the Iroquois Indian Museum and hearing the storyteller weave creation stories was fun, too.

CEP: What are some of the things that you plan to do with your class this fall?
Michelle: I’ll be teaching NYS History. We’ll be combining classroom learning with experiential learning…..we’ll be taking lots of trips to make history come alive!