Thursday, August 27, 2020 was an incredible day and a highlight of a summer filled with unprecedented challenges. Our Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein was honored by the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) for his efforts to supply all the hospitals with Convalescent Plasma! One of his litter cleanups for the cause took place at the Colonie Center Bus Shelter that used to be infamously polluted with cigarette butts and other debris. The fact is that with hundreds of people dropping their garbage like it is no big deal…the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) could not adequately keep up with it and to do so would require them to hire a full-time staff specifically for that shelter! Jesse took on the task during his free time to reverse the state of pollution at that particular shelter. Even though it did not reach the level of torpedoing the Coronavirus with Convalescent Plasma, his efforts resulted in winning the Community Champions Award, which is given by the CDTA to only 25 citizens throughout the entire City of Albany.

The College Experience would like to show sincere appreciation to the staff of the CDTA especially Carm Basile feature in one of the photographs for his beautiful speech introducing Jesse to the audience. The College Experience Director, Jennifer Richard and and the Living Resources, Inc. CEO, Fred Erlich were kind enough to take time out of their schedules to join Jesse at the ceremony, too!

The students of the College Experience rely heavily on the CDTA to maintain their independence and greatly benefit from the professionalism of the drivers who are sensitive to their needs. We also train the students on how to use the buses and understand the bus schedule in our Community Navigation classes. Jesse has moved on to other locations in Albany to raise additional awareness for Convalescent Plasma, although he fully intends to return to the Colonie Shelter to finish the job and show his overwhelming appreciation for this incredible honor!