I’ve enjoyed my 2-year stay at the College Experience Program in Saint Rose; I’ve shared a lot of moments with my friends there. We attended some school events with them, we’ve pretty much done it all together. One of my favorite moments during out college experience was when we attended Saint Rose basketball games in the winter. They’re just so much fun to watch, and almost every one of their games I’ve watched in the school gymnasium were exciting. Sometime they’re always in a close game, and sometimes they blow their opponents out of the water. You never know what will happen every time you watch a College Of Saint Rose basketball game, no matter if you’re watching men’s team or woman’s team play.

Another one of my favorite moments during my 2-year stay is CEP bowling club, I love going bowling with my friends at Sunset Lanes almost every Friday night. But unlike my friends who like to compete against each other for the fun of it, I like to compete against myself…while having fun at the same time. I don’t even care if someone bowled a higher score than me, as long as I bowled a good game.

I also like planning events for me and my friends for community involvement. I don’t know how many events I’ve planned throughout my 2 years in the program combined, but I’ll tell you what; we’ve gotten involved in the Albany Community on numerous occasions. From planning events at Times Union Center, to planning Super Bowl parties, to going to the mall or the park, we really know how be a part of the land of the living.

Overall, those 3 things that I like to do with my friends are my favorite parts of my college experience altogether. I’ve basically done it all here in CEP. Now I look forward to graduating this school’s wonderful program on Saturday, May 14th, so I could come back home to Westchester County with my parents, and get ready for a family vacation to Aruba that we’re going on.